We are a multidisciplinary team working for a responsible development within architecture, urban planning and landscaping.

Our projects aim at being sustainable. Departing from their insertion in the environment, we engage in sustainable design criteria and low environmental impact materials, adding renewable energy production and efficient technical systems. We aim at achieving Zero Net Energy buildings.

We intervene in existing buildings because we believe refurbishing is a key issue for sustainability. We audit and certify energetically these constructions proposing solutions to make them more efficient.

We develop landscape projects, comprehensive environment management programs and sustainable urban development plans.

We also offer consultancy and specific services in different proffessional fields through cross participatory processes.

  • Foundation and structural engineering.
  • Analysis and refurbishing of existing structures.
  • Building’s technical survey.
  • Energy auditing and certificates.
  • Architectural integration of renewable energy.
  • Bioclimatic design consultancy for architects.
  • Building’s energetic simulation modelling and analysis performed with DesignBuilder
  • Technichal system engineering, design, and legalization for construction projects.
  • Activity permits.
  • Technichal and planning consultancy for lawyers and real estate agents.
  • Home assesment certificates.
  • Urban planning reports.
  • Environmental impact assessment.
  • Environmental reports.
  • Environmental damage studies.
  • Fire selfprotection plans and projects.
  • Crop recovery.
  • Environmental restoration.
  • Landscape studies.
  • Ecological and permaculture agricultural projects.
  • Architectural and landscape photography.