Authors: Laura García, Daniel Olano, Alberto Mendo
Competition: 2006. First prize
Project: 2006
Work: 2007-2008
Developer: Suelo y Vivienda de Aragón
Surface: 7.555m²
Budget: 4.558.250€
Exhibited at the COAA. Zaragoza 2009

The building is shaped by two linear blocks, separated by a central public acces courtyard connected by the staircases. The volume is perceived as something simple from the outside allowing for permeable crevices with the neighbor’s interior, movement, access, and activity space. Dwellings are accessed through the private but visually public terraces, reinforcing the feeling of common space and the interaction among neighbors. Concentrating all the plumbing and technichal spaces towards the patio elevations allows for maximum natural lighting and flexibility in the remaining rooms.