Authors: Laura García, Gabriel Lassa, Alberto Mendo, Daniel Olano
Competition: 2010. First prize
Project: 2011-2012
Developer: Ministry of Culture
Surface: 30.724m²
Budget: 33.112.353€
Museography: León Carlos Álvarez
Published in  a+ Arquitectura Plus. “Grandes Proyectos 2011-2012”

An intervention in Teruel’s neoclassical Antique Welfare Home in order to fit the new functional requirements and solve the neighborhood’s urban problems. The extension’s strategy is solved through the addition of abstract volumes in the existing patios – exhibition rooms and hall – and the back of the building – collection space – ; a silent and respectful intervention regarding the existing building. Public access is organized through the planned square, through an etnographic garden; private and objects come in through the rear street.