Authors: Daniel Redolat, Marià Castelló
Project: 2008-2010
Work: 2010-2012
Developer: private
Surface: 580m²
Photography: Estudi Es Pujol de s’Era

Published in Diseño Interior nº240, Arquitectura y Diseño nº140, La Vanguardia Magazine (19/08/2012), Web Europa Concorsi, Web Archilovers, Web Plataforma  Arquitectura, Web Arch Daily.

This intervention on a typical Formentera house from the 18th and 19th century  included the refurbishing of its 90 m2 and a 500 m2 addition while attempting to maintain the predominance of the existing house in spite of the large addition.

We thus considered the addition as a number of articulated segments, sunken half a level below the original house ground floor, locating a large part of the requirements in the basement. The interstitial spaces between these sections provide natural light and cross-ventilation, while offering fragments of the landscape along the interior paths, becoming patios at the basement level. The bedroom roofs are slanted searching the southern sun through skylights.

We maintain all the existing vegetation attempting to downplay the scars on the surroundings.